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AKB48 fanfics. I love Sae x Everyone so I will be trying different pairings... my fics won't be long as I want complete stories more than anything else as a fan of akb fics :)

Where My Heart Is (Saeyuki, Three Musketeers) - Chapter 3

Chapter 1 is posted here

Chapter 2 is posted here


Chapter 3 - Detention

"I can’t go home with you tomorrow." Sae suddenly announces in a mouthful of rice at the dinner table.

"O…same here." Mako replies with a lack of enthusiasm. "I’ve got detention because I failed Geography…again."

"For me, I didn’t hand in my literature homework on time."

"Why?" Mako puts down her chopsticks and bowl and eyes Sae suspiciously. "Sae, don’t tell me…you did it on purpose?"

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Where My Heart Is (SaeXXXX, another pairing) - Chapter 2

For those of you who would like to guess the characters/pairings involved in this fic, this is the last chance.

Chapter 1 is posted here

Once again, this fic is about:

  • Sae as a boy (if you can’t accept this, don’t read on)
  • Sae’s pairing will be a girl (no BL, sadly)
  • There will be a love triangle

Since Chapter 2 pretty much reveals everything, please read it under the cut. I will correct all the titles and tags when I post the next chapter soon.

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Where My Heart is (Saexxxx) - New fanfic - Chapter 1

It’s been a while since I last posted a fanfic. That’s because I want to make sure I finish the whole story before polishing and posting all the chapters, based on the bad experience of an unfinished fic. It worked well for Majisuka Gakuran (Saeyui), which I will repost on tumblr later. 

So, being a Sae oshi, I will have to write about Sae, right? Will her pairing be fresh or will I go back to all-time favorites? I will reveal it later, but there will be more than one pairings in this fic. I’m trying something new here:

  • Sae will be a boy (my reasons will be explained later)
  • XXXX will be still be femaie
  • There will be a love triangle!

If you like what you see below, and want to guess who “she” is, read on!


Chapter 1 - The couple

"Oi, the ketchup is all over your face…" He leans forward and casually wipes it off her lips. Sitting  back down, he licks the sauce off his thumb and joked, "No wonder you failed in today’s geography test, with a mental age of 5…"


The girl quickly smacked his head and ruffled his carefully styled hair, upsetting the previously smug looking guy. Somehow, the frown from the girl’s pouting face displays nothing but pleasure.

"Sae-kun, if I didn’t study off of your baka answers in the textbook, I wouldn’t have answered that Fukuoka is in Shikoku in front of the whole class!"

Sae bends his back backwards and laughs heartily. “Well, you are after all, the person stupid enough to borrow textbooks from me!”

"That’s because I’m always going to be a year younger than you, and mum insists that passing down textbooks have been fine!" The girl breaks into a broad, silly smile somehow, a thing she always does even when she’s expressing dissatisfaction.

"If Okasan thinks it’s fine, then it’s totally not my problem…" Sae folds his arms together and looks up indifferently.

The girl is about to explode, but glancing at her watch, she relaxed and said, “Aren’t you already late for basketball practice?”

"Yaba!!!!!!!" He exclaimed and jumped to collect his things.

"Don’t forget to pick up me up at the library after your practice!" She shouts as Sae runs out of the cafeteria.

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Touching post by Iwate's local mask hero Maburitto Kiba




As night falls, the incessant rings from the mass media ceases. Honestly, I can’t help but feel despondent to the attitude & approach of the media.

I think I have seen a new side that I have not seen since the great earthquake reports. So that we will not forget about it, I…


Yui-han stumbled into her microphone, now my oshi smacks into a camera……… the terrors of the A.V. Club.

Ghaida places 9th (9044 votes) in the JKT48 General Election.


Ghaida is my JKT oshi…congrats even though I couldn’t vote for you! I will find out how to do so overseas next year…hang in there, we’ll make it to kami-7!!





To any of my fellow Sae oshi who are complaining about Sae being made Captain of Team S: Please shut up


I’m not saying don’t be upset or worried, we don’t know what all this will lead to. But if you are spending the day after blaming Sae or blaming management or just being angry you need to stop. Stop being so ridiculous and calm down. We should all be supportive and encouraging of Sae. And we…

I understand where you are coming from and from Sae-oshi’s perspective, I can’t be happier that her homebase is finally in Japan and not in some country where she can’t even obtain a work permit…

There will be theaters, stages, concerts and handshake events!!

But having that said, you can’t ignore the fact that it makes absolutely no sense for her to be leading team S—- from an SKE fan’s perspective. I am in no place to complain about anything, but I think feelings that management is trolling her (instead of letting her graduate graciously) is totally legit.

I can’t help but feel that this is management’s “revenge” on Sae, like she doesn’t have enough anti’s already…”let’s unleash the wrath of diehard SKE wotas on her…”

But like Kitarie, I have absolute confidence that she will come out fine and try her best to be SKE, to be accepted by their fans and to prove her worth and leadership, eventually. I’ve never been prouder as a Sae fan for the effort she puts in for SNH.

I just think that journey was too heartbreaking, which is why I worry (or over-worry) when this new kenin is announced.

To: SKE fans


It isn’t Sae’s fault


We wasn’t expecting this too


Truthfully I wanted Sae to get a captain position that she deserves in Team K




They made her captain of Team S instead..


We understand how it feels to have an original team member transferred out of the team..


LOL This song is so awesome!!!